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Do-It-Yourselfer Books

By on January 26, 2014
Ortho Home Improvement Encyclopedia

Can you guys please recommend some good general construction books for the “do-it yourselfer”?



There are a number of outstanding publications available, and they start at about $5 going up to [?] depending on the amount of detail and the quality of illustration. There simply isn’t enough room in this article to list all of the wonderful publications available, but we’d be happy to name a few! Two of our favorites are Ortho’s Home Improvement Encyclopedia; by Ortho Books ($24.95) and Sunset Home Repair Handbook; Lane Publishing Co. ($9.95). Sunset also offers a variety of well-illustrated paperback manuals in their home improvement series. These are excellent for the do-it-yourselfer because they’re written in terminology understandable by the average layperson. They also have well-detailed, easy-to-understand illustrations. (A picture can really be worth a thousand words). And finally, Time-Life Books has a Home Repair and Improvement Series which consists of a variety of hard-bound books that will make any do-it-yourselfer’s library complete.

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