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Winterizing the Swimming Pool

By on March 2, 2014

During a long, hot summer, nothing beats a swimming pool. Those who have them are very popular, but around Labor Day all those friends, relatives and neighborhood kids suddenly disappear. You’re left with a great big concrete pond that needs some care before winter sets in — especially if you live where it freezes.

Don’t wait; drain your pool for winter early. Be sure the heater, filter and pump are water-free, and the pool’s drained to a minimum of about 4 inches below the skimmer.

Thoroughly brush walls and the pool’s bottom; then vacuum. In warm climates, have water tested to ensure pH, (total alkalinity and calcium hardness) is in balance. Many pool companies will do these tests for free. Whether you drain your pool or not, be sure it’s covered with a product approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to keep little ones from falling in. It’ll both protect your pool from damage and keep it safe, secure and ready for another season of sun and fun next summer.

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