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Winter Driving-remember

By on January 3, 2014

Shingles are a great aid for foul-weather traction

In 1954 a meteor fell to earth, crashing through a roof in Alabama. It showered Elizabeth Hodges with shingles and debris, and placed her in the Chicken-Little record book as the first person ever hit by an object from outer space. Elizabeth made the best of things, though. She picked up some stray shingles and put them in her car trunk. If she got stuck in mud or snow on her way to report her meteor incident, she’d have a shingle or two to place under the wheels for traction. You don’t need falling meteors to loosen shingles that “pull you through.” Shingles are a great aid for foul-weather traction. So is cat litter or sacks of sand. The extra weight in your trunk adds traction, too

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