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Washing Machine Blues

By on January 3, 2014

Try braided, stainless-steel hoses that last many, many years to reduce the risk of a failed washing machine hose

Washing machines are common and popular items. They’re great time-and-labor savers. They also do $100,000,000 worth of damage every year because washing-machine hoses fail and floors get soaked — in addition to the the clothes. To reduce the risk, check water-inlet hoses at least once a year. If they need replacing, two types are available: first are same-size rubber hoses for about $5 each, but they might fail again somewhere down the line. You’re better off upgrading to braided, stainless-steel hoses that last many, many years for about $15 apiece. You’ll find both at hardware stores and home centers.

Installation is easy. Just unplug the machine, turn off the water supply and slide it out from the wall. Loosen couplings — with pliers if needed — and remove the old hoses. Clean small screens on water-inlet ports, then reinstall hoses carefully to avoid thread damage. Turn water and power on, and leave a 4-inch space in back to prevent hose-kinking. Those dollars you spend and minutes you use will keep you from singing the washing-machine blues!

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