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  • J D Power Appliance Awardsa
    Appliance Competition Heats Up and Gets Cooking as Six Different Brands Win J.D. Power Awards

    Across 11 categories of kitchen and laundry appliances, six different brands enjoy being highest-ranked, which is a testament to the competitive environment found in the J.D. Power 2018 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction StudySM and the J.D. Power 2018...

    • Posted July 25, 2018
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  • light gas range
    3 Gasses You Should Constantly Check for in Your Home

    Whether it’s from the soil in your yard, your furnace or your fireplace, you are constantly surrounded by different gasses. This means you’re constantly surrounded by possible danger! Being on a Hazardous Material Response Team in the...

    • Posted March 10, 2018
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  • Show Notes: Smart Light Bulbs, Gloss or Not and Appliances

    What do you know about purchasing smart light bulbs? Mood lighting is no longer just done with dimmers, but with smart bulbs. What paint sheen appeals to you?  Did you know gloss paint is the no longer...

    • Posted January 20, 2018
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  • Kenmore Refrigerator
    Our New Kenmore Kitchen Appliances are Fantastic

    When I walked into our kitchen this morning I had completely forgotten that we had recently installed all of our major appliances.  For a brief second, it was like I had just seen them for the very...

    • Posted July 20, 2017
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  • Show Notes: Hot Appliances and Cool LED Tape

     What’s new and hot in kitchen appliances? How about giving LED tape lighting a try in your kitchen or bath?    Thank you to our guest and winner of the Chicago Innovation Award: Michael Schuster, Danco Senior...

    • Posted October 29, 2016
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  • Give your old fence a fresh facelift

    In this hour, The Carey Brothers discuss how to give your old fence a fresh facelift and talk about appliance abusers.   Give Your Old Fence A Fresh Facelift Add...

    • Posted August 13, 2016
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  • Washing Machine Hoses That Don’t Leak

    One of our first homes was a small but lovely three bedroom, one bath post World War II single-family dwelling in our hometown. There were three bedrooms, a bath, a kitchen with a dining area and an...

    • Posted March 23, 2016
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  • Appliances: Installing An Icemaker

    When we were kids, the only way to get ice to chill a beverage was to buy it by the block or fill ice trays and wait for them to freeze. The oldest ice trays that we...

    • Posted March 11, 2016
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  • Being Your Own Contractor

    Are you tired or your cramped, dark kitchen? Has your bathroom seen better days? Do you need an extra bedroom or more space? When it comes to getting what you want do you automatically hire a contractor...

    • Posted March 9, 2016
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  • Ducting A Clothes Dryer

    Remember the time you painted the bathroom and about a month after it was all done the mildew started to show up again on your beautiful, freshly painted ceiling? Have you ever had to scrape out the...

    • Posted February 9, 2016
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