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Super, Super-glue, Underwater

By on January 2, 2014

Waterproof super glue

Is your sprinkler broken? Do you have cracks in your pool? Does your car hose leak? And your boat, too? If it’s under water, wet, or covered with dew, you need “Super” Super-Glue. The folks who invented Super Glue just introduced a new two-part waterproof epoxy adhesive that can be applied to wet surfaces, even underwater, like say, if a swimming pool tile comes off. Just mix, give it a spritz, put it back and it sticks!

There are six types, with colors that match your needs. For pools and spas, that’s blue. Black is for auto (and RVs, too). There’s green for yard and garden mending, tan for sports and camp-gear tending. And white for home repair — or basically anywhere. When water pipes break, or gutters leak, you don’t have to let things dry a week; just mix and match, spritz and patch, with new (anchor-tite) waterproof epoxy.

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