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Shingle Traction Savvy

By on January 3, 2014

How to improve your traction with a little roofing plan of action

Whether you live where it’s warm or cold, you eventually will slip, slide and get stuck in mud and snow. Today you’ll learn how to improve your traction with a shingle plan of action. To help you out when your car is stuck in mud or snow, one or two roofing shingles placed under each wheel will provide the traction needed to get unstuck.

The surface granules of shingles can help in other ways, too, such as on stairs or as landscape steps in the yard. Collect scraps and leftovers wherever you can from remodeling or repair projects at you home or from leftovers at builders’ sites in your area. A few shingles stashed away in your trunk, and stapled onto slippery steps and surfaces could prevent nasty trips and spills or hours stuck in messy mud and winter chills.

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