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Researchers Uncover Ancient Greek Island’s Complex Plumbing System

By on February 11, 2018

Do you think your plumbing system is primitive? I’ll bet it doesn’t compare to the plumbing systems they just dug up in Greece. According to an article on, researchers have found evidence of plumbing systems that date back 4500 years! The discovery was made at an archaeological site on the little island of Keros, which is one of many Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Researchers found a number of tools, two workshops, and a series of drainage pipes running throughout the site which they believe used to be a thriving community.

Original source: Smithsonian Magazine

Prior to this discovery, it was believed that the oldest plumbing systems belonged to the Minoan Civilization. This new discovery at Keros though puts plumbing on the map a whopping 1000 years before the Minoan Civilization and is now the oldest found evidence of plumbing systems in Europe.

For more information about this or to learn how you can combat aging plumbing lines you can either go to Keros in Europe or go over to

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