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By on February 11, 2018

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Looking to throw a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn soon? You may not know it, but there are some home maintenance tasks that are specifically tailored toward those people that plan on taking advantage of this skyrocketing housing market. says that there are six maintenance tasks that any potential seller should keep up on if they plan on making a deal.

Clean Walkways

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First of all, you have to keep the yard and walkways maintained. This could mean sweeping off your sidewalk, keeping your bushes trimmed, or even planting some new flowers.

Second, clean out those gutters and while you’re up there, give your roof a good check. You don’t want potential buyers to see puddling or signs of a leaking roof.

Then, get your heating and cooling systems professionally serviced. This includes air ducting, filters, and your chimney. Nothing will push away a potential buyer faster than the smell of built-up dust.

Next, make sure you won’t have any surprise guests at your open house by plugging up any entrances that those critters might find.

After that, give your windows a thorough clean. Nothing will sell your house faster than a potential buyer walking into a sliding glass door that is so clean that it looks wide open.

Finally, make sure your house doesn’t look like it’s been empty since my father-in-law’s high school graduation. Remember, put the patio furniture away if you’re selling in the winter and take out that wind chime if you’re selling in the warmer months.


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