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Range Hood Ventilation

By on January 3, 2014

You’ll see a whole new design sense… when we look at “Trends in Vents!”

When you cook, do smoke and fumes fill your kitchen and other rooms? A good range hood to eliminate this problem is a must, but until recently they’ve pretty much been “designer untouched.” Today, with sleek commercial-looking cooking appliances, all the range vent hoods have risen from the role of a necessity to a hot opportunity for designers to express themselves. The result is a new family of high-tech George Jetson-looking units that do far more than simply clear the air.

First you notice all the sweeping curves with oodles of gleaming stainless steel and lots of shimmering, sparkling glass. The high-style designs range from overhead units that look like upside down martini glasses to recessed models that pop up and swing out over burners, providing direct ventilation right where it’s needed. Fan efficiencies are better too. If you don’t think that’s important, bear in mind those without an adequate kitchen exhaust system spread approximately six quarts of grease throughout the home each year.

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