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Q&A: Squeaky Floating Floor

By on March 1, 2019
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We want everyone to know about more why squeaky floating floors happen, so learn a little more about squeaks below!



James and Morris

We had a floating engineered wood flooring installed over our concrete subfloor in July of 2018. What is the best way to deal with squeaky areas and also areas that not only squeak but indent when walked on?

We would very much appreciate your input on how this could be fixed.

Thank you





Hi Elida,

Floating floors “float,” which means that they are not attached to the floor. Thus, when walked upon the floor will move up and down. If the flooring is installed too close to the wall or baseboard it may not have room to expand.

When this happens the floor expands in the middle and the floating surface is pressed upward from the substrate.

Then, you would be walking on a bubble. If the floor is doing the things you say, then you may have gotten a bad installation.


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