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Patching Concrete Steps

By on June 9, 2014

No matter how well they’re built, the edges of concrete steps are weak points, and in time they start to break and crumble. Soon a little becomes a lot, and it’s a safety hazard. But you can fix them up as good as new.

First break off any loose material down to solid concrete using a hammer and chisel.

Then rinse it clean with a garden hose. Paint the patch area with a concrete bonding agent, and make your form boards from scrap lumber supported with stakes or bricks. Mix your concrete patch material with water, vinyl concrete patch or polymer cement. Then use a wooden concrete float to force the patch material into the opening and to wipe off any excess.

Smooth the patch with a metal concrete trowel. The following day, when the patch is dry, remove the forms and your “fall” project becomes a “don’t fall” project. 

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