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Why You Need A Licensed Contractor!

By on November 7, 2014

The floor is so scarred and stained that even your cat won’t walk on it. Maybe, , it’s time to remodel. Ya think? Having a contractor work around your home can be stressful at best. There are, however, steps that you can take – from a planning standpoint – that will improve your odds for a less stressful experience and a better job. Rule one in selecting your contractor is to be sure that he a state licensed contractor. Ask your contractor applicant to provide a picture form of identification along with his or her licensing card or license itself. The license is a matter of public record and you should check the status with your state’s contractor licensing agency. Be sure the license is current and in good standing and that the license is for the work called for in your job. The greatest living licensed roofing contractor is not the one you want installing your new kitchen. Do your homework and chances are good that you will eliminate lots of potential chaos and you will be happy with your project.

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  1. Walter Fast

    November 8, 2014 at 6:38 am

    B.S.! The issue of a contractor’s license is so overblown by the state, any state government, so as to cause people to believe the holder of such a license is fully qualified, in short, somehow more knowledgeable and experienced than someone without such a license; again, BS!

    While in California, for example only, I saw more crappy work performed by so-called “licensed contractors than by those of us who didn’t have a license. All such a license does is give the state “jurisdiction (authority/power) over the person holding the license; whereas a person without such a license can tell the state to go kiss their behinds, if they know the law, especially the Constitution. And I know several who have and the state couldn’t do squat BECAUSE they, state, has NO legal jurisdiction over someone if they don’t have a license, the King’s permission to do work. And don’t tell me about the “laws’ the state has about such licenses. No state can force someone, again if they have some semblance of knowledge about the law, to be granted a “privilege” (a license) to WORK for a living.

    Call your state licensing board and ASK them what tests they gave this or that contractor to determine if he/she is qualified to install carpet; tile; paint a house; etc.! And while on the subject, take a house painter for example; it’s argued the license protects the homeowner against poor workmanship, and danger from unqualified people. WHAT injury does a pee-poor painter cause to anyone? Other than a crappy job, and just like the days before such government interference in one’s natural rights the market place takes care of such poor workman very quickly and they go out of business.

    NO, the so-called contractor’s license is nothing more than a way for the state to control people, AND make money from the fees they charge for such a license.

    Here’s a VERY good example of a state’s fraud as regards consumer confidence in licensing an occupation; it concerns, again, California, one of the most over-regulated states in the Union.

    In the 80’s I lived there and wanted to do auctioneering, BUT, had to have a state license. So this test I had to see what it was all about; so I looked into the test; guess what, not one damn thing on or in that test even determined if one could chant,(call an auctioneer…in other words sound like one). Now if I hire an auctioneer I expect him/her to be able to sound like one, AND have salesmanship skills…nothing of the sort on that test. BUT the state assured anyone in California that if you had their auctioneer license that person was fully qualified and they could feel protected. The best part came in the early 1990’s though; because California government was having serious budget problems they closed the agency that over-saw auctioneers and their licenses. /all of a sudden you could be an auctioneer WITHOUT the license; REALLY??? No more licensed auctioneers? i though the state licensed thme to PROTECT the consumer…so now California could care less about protecting the consumer? Nooooo; California could care less about the consumer, all they wanted from the auctioneers was an outrageous license fee, which in actuality is a “TAX”! A tax, in effect and fact on any and all occupations they claim requires a license. Under and by the Constitution everyone has a right to “work in a common occupation’ and the state has no right to create that right into a privilege,(license it) and demand a fee for engaging in it.

    As in California, the state wanted one to believe it was a crime, unlawful to work as an auctioneer, one of the oldest callings known, but WITH a license, which is something that now gives one the privilege to do what heretofore was unlawful. It’s to mow lawns? It IS in California if you don’t have a “license”. How incompetent does someone have to be to not mow a lawn without a license from the KING(government)?? Is the state going to test and watch them to see if they know how to mow a lawn BEFORE they issue them a license? Yeah, righhhtt.

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