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Kitchen Cabinet Tune-up

By on June 26, 2014

“The Jeffersons” made its TV debut in 1975, with George and Weezie movin’ on up in the neighborhood. But if your budget says no movin’ anywhere any way, and your kitchen cabinets are looking a bit tired (and there’s no money to replace or reface) , read on. Here’s how to give cabinets a tune-up for a new look and a spruce-up.

First, tackle the hardware, adjusting hinges on misaligned doors. All you need is a screwdriver and a little trial and error. Fill any stripped screw holes with toothpicks and white glue so that loose hinges can be firmly reinstalled. Adjust or replace any catches that hold doors shut, and any worn or bent drawer rollers and slides.

Add felt bumper pads to silence doors. After giving all interiors a good scrubbing, turn your attention to cosmetic details: touch up nicks and scratches, tighten, glue and/or replace knobs and handles and clean wood cutting boards with lemon juice and table salt. Follow these tips to have your kitchen cabinets looking great in no time.

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