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Keeping Car Trunk Objects

By on December 31, 2013

Use Velcro to stop items from sliding around in the trunk

Ever put something in your car trunk that’s going to be there for a while? Like tools or emergency equipment that keeps sliding from side to side, thumping and clunking every time you corner or make a quick stop? It’s annoying, and after a few months it wears out your trunk carpet, too. To keep nearly anything from slipping and sliding around while driving around town and country, take a few pieces of Velcro, only the hook side, and stick it on the bottom, side or handle of whatever items you’ve got that you want to keep quiet. The hook tapes will grab into the carpeting just like it was the loop side of Velcro, and will hold your goods firmly in place until you rip them out, when needed. Love that sound!

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