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Keeping Your Car Paint Fresh

By on January 3, 2014

Use polish, not wax, to remove car scratches

A scratch in the paint job of your car is an eyesore at best and certainly an annoyance. Most surface scratches are a lot easier to remove than you might imagine. In many instances, all it takes is a little car polish and a bit of elbow grease. Remember, we said polish — not wax. There is a difference.

Wax is just that — “wax” — a protective coating, and polish is a liquid that contains a mild abrasive (it is not a protective coating). A polish-wax is — you guessed it — a wax that contains a mild abrasive. It is important to note that polishing should be done in the shade. Also, we have found that most polishes, rubbing compounds and waxes work better when applied with a damp rag.

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