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Keeping Ants Away With Boric Acid

By on April 15, 2014


I heard that boric acid can be used in the home to keep away carpenter ants. How do I use it?

Melanie, Olympia WA


Boric acid does work. In fact it works with all types of ants – and many other pests as well. However, carpenter ants can do structural damage and should be managed by a professional who can apply the right formulation for your problem. Like termites, the carpenter ant can destroy your home. So, don’t take any chances – pay a little now or pay big-time later. By the way, for less dangerous ant problems mix equal parts of boric acid and sugar together. Fill a paper straw with the concoction and place it under the sink or in locations where ants have been a problem in the past. This is an inexpensive and effective way to rid your home of these pesky little protagonists.

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