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Keep Your Gutters Protected

By on May 4, 2014
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Once rain gutters are packed with mud and leaves it takes lots of elbow grease to scrape away the mess. Worse, it all has to be done on a ladder. There are special hose attachments, fancy gutter-shaped mini-scoops and a variety of other “make the job easier” cleaning tools and contraptions. But, once clogged, the bottom line to cleanliness is scrubbing while on a ladder.

The task is difficult and dangerous! As an alternative there are a myriad of gutter protectors in the form of: screens, covers, caps and brushes; that can be added to existing rain gutters so that the gutters will be less apt to become clogged. And they all work just fine. Once large leaves are prevented from getting into a rain gutter cleaning becomes far less frequent and much easier when it is finally needed.

Although the large leaves are easy to forestall, there are no easy solutions for Pine needles. Pine needles are simply too wily for most gutter protection add-ons. For pine needles, a light brushing a couple of times a year is all that will be needed to keep water flowing freely.

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