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InSinkErator Recalls Air Switch

By on March 17, 2018
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InSinkErator has recalled it’s Air Switch due to a fire hazard!

Is there anything more terrifying than sticking your hand down a garbage disposal to fish something out? Now imagine the garbage disposal is on fire!

This nightmare has become a reality if you’re the owner of the InSinkErator SinkTop switch accessory. That’s right, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, InSinkErator has recalled these garbage disposal switches due to a potential fire hazard.

The CPSC reports that water can find its way down the air tube and into the power module causing it to overheat and damage the product.

InSinkErator has already received 40 reports of water damaged power modules but, luckily, no injuries.

If you are an owner of one of the 1,400,000 InSinkErator SinkTop switch accessories, immediately stop using it and call InSinkErator at 855 215 5695 to receive a free replacement.

To learn more about this recall, garbage disposals, and more, go to

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