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High-tech Concrete Resurfacing

By on May 4, 2014

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre opened in Hollywood in 1927. Soon stars were putting handprints and footprints in the theater’s wet cement. Little did they know they were starting a trend that would re-emerge 78 years later.

We’re talking about high-tech limestone overlays, or concrete resurfacing. They transform damaged and unsightly concrete into spectacular expanses of crafted natural stone. The process uses acrylic and polymer resins mixed with crushed limestone that is spread over existing concrete in a layer a quarter inch thick. It is then custom-imprinted and stained to simulate anything natural, from brick or slate to Mexican pavers or cobblestone.

It was originally pioneered for use in commercial theme settings, such as Sea World, Caesar’s Palace and Disneyland. Now, using the same high-tech limestone overlays and high-tech resurfacing techniques, you, too, can make your pool or patio special.

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