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Help! My Floor Is Squeaking!

By on August 15, 2015
removing carpet from an oak floor

Q. The floor in my mobile home squeaks. One fellow said I needed to glue down what I have. I let him do it and it didn’t work. Another repairman says I need to replace the whole floor — at a cost of $600. Help! – Virginia, S., Santa Rosa, CA

A. Plywood floors squeak when the support below changes positions. Normally, all one has to do is to adjust the supports. In the case of your mobile home it may mean the use of `additional’ supports. In any event, the less the floor moves the less chance there is that it will squeak. After resupporting the floor drive screws through the carpet and plywood into support members where squeaks persist. If support members are still drill through them and screw into the plywood from below. And, good luck!

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