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Hammer Out Your Hammer Choice

By on April 22, 2014

Labor Day started in 1882 with a parade by the Carpenters Union in New York. Soon many states joined in, and in 1894 the holiday was signed into law, making it a legal one and a day off for most folks. But, perhaps because of its link with carpenters, today many pick up hammers to undertake projects they have been putting off — instead of goofing off.

For most jobs the 16-ounce, curved-claw carpenter’s hammer is best. There are two types of faces for hammerheads. Corrugated, used for rough framing, grips nails best but leaves waffle marks. Smooth reduces surface marks but bends nails easily.

Pros rub smooth hammer faces on concrete to improve friction and reduce bending. Try it. Also, a curved-claw pulls out nails more easily. While high-tech handles are popular today, we still like good old wood ones better.

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