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Glass Blocks: Look Through Them, Not Over Them

By on March 18, 2014

Planning a remodeling project? Don’t overlook glass block windows.

There are many styles and options from which to choose. There are attractive colors and patterns in plastic and glass — in individual blocks, kits and ready-to- install units for use in both windows and freestanding walls (in both straight and curved designs).

Glass blocks are also energy-efficient. Much like double-pane thermal windows, they have a vacuum-filled space that insulates. Beyond their beauty, versatility and efficiency, they offer security against break-ins.

Solid bulletproof glass blocks are available; they are virtually indestructible. There are inserts for ventilation, too. Looking for a hot remodeling idea, a cool design technique or privacy, security and energy savings? Don’t overlook glass block for windows and walls.

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