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Garage Floor Resurfacing

By on May 18, 2014

Norman Lear, who wrote and produced All In The Family, was born on July 27, 1922. In one episode, he had Archie and Meathead out in the garage.

They were considering resurfacing the oil-stained floor. Archie said, “Let’s go to the home center and get some epoxy with speckles in it. With speckles we could avoid sweeping!” “Not so fast,” countered Meathead. “That might be a problem.” “I think you’re the problem!” said Archie.

“No, check this out,” Meathead said, pointing to a two-foot square of clear plastic film he’d taped to the floor. “I put this down yesterday and today it’s got droplets inside.” Sneering, Archie said “Soooo?” “It means moisture is working its way up through the concrete, which means we shouldn’t coat it with anything, because hydro-static pressure will push it right off,” said Meathead. “Hydro-this, Meathead!” said Archie. “No really, Archie, in this case staining the floor would be a far better choice. It’ll last longer because it lets the floor breathe.” Giving in, Archie said “Okay, who wants a floor holding its breath anyway You stain and I’ll leave.”

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