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Garage Door Opener Caution

By on March 3, 2014

Whether you’re out for the day or an extended vacation, your automatic garage door opener could be an open invitation for burglars! Many thieves patrol residential neighborhoods with high-tech electronic equipment and master openers, randomly testing to see whose door they can open. When leaving home for any period of time over an hour or two, you should always unplug the garage door opener motor and lock both the outer garage door and the inside door that provides access to your house.

Also, never leave your garage door opener set on the original factory number code — it’s like leaving your key under the door mat! Savvy thieves know the factory settings for almost every major brand of opener, and if you don’t change it, you’re leaving your home wide open.

While you’re away, remember your garage door opener is actually another key to your house if left in an unlocked car! It, too, is an invitation for unwanted visitors. Locking your house means locking your garage too.

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