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Fix Your Door Clearance

By on May 18, 2014

Does your door scrape a high spot on the floor? If so, don’t be quick to reach for your tools and start unscrewing hinges, or begin planing the door. You’re here at “door boot camp” to learn the Carey way of doing things. So, put down those tools and read on.

When a door swings over uneven terrain and clips the high ground here and there, let the enemy — gravity — do the dirty work for you.

Just tape a sheet of medium-grit sandpaper to the floor over the high spot. Place it face-up, so it sands the bottom of the door when it scrapes against it. After a while, it’ll wear down. Once it clears the bottom, start building it up again by adding thin pieces of cardboard under the sandpaper until the clearance is just right.

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