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Easy-access Remodeling for the Ease of the Disabled

By on January 4, 2014

While it might not seem important now, easy-access remodeling for the elderly, disabled, those in wheelchairs and people with temporary injuries is something that should be planned for every home and remodeling project.

There are many ways to make a house safer and more user-friendly for the disabled and more accessible to those on crutches, using walkers or in wheelchairs. If you are changing a door, make it at least 36-inches wide. If you are adding a deck or porch, add a ramp in addition to stairs. Install wall switches and thermostats no more than 4 feet off the floor, and electric wall plugs at least 12-inches high. Windows should have crank-style openers with lever-type faucets and doorknobs.

When you are through, it won’t look much different. It will, however, be user-friendly and accessible for those who will forever appreciate your care, effort and thoughtfulness.

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