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Dimming Outdoor Lights

By on July 27, 2014

Henry Winkler of “Happy Days” was born in 1945. As the “Fonz,” he was a showman in his own right! He was always cool, and made the girls sigh. To make happy days even happier, he just turned down the lights for a dazzling night. You can too. Here’s how dimming outdoor lights turns happy days into spectacular starry nights.

While you might have added dimmer switches throughout your home to create the right mood as needed, your outdoor lighting still probably offers only two options — on or off. This can make decks, patios and yards harshly lighted spots to relax and entertain. A dimmer switch turns “bright” into a soft and shimmering night. Some outdoor lights might require a heavy-duty dimmer. Discuss your needs with the lighting expert at your local hardware store, then get ready to make your happy days happier. Just turn down the lights for a dazzling night and be the neighborhood showman in your own right.

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