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What to do if You Have condensation in the Corner of the Basement

By on May 20, 2014
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A few years ago, we had a builder construct our house in the woods. Part of our walk-out basement is exposed. We had a Superior Wall System installed, but there has been condensation in the corner where the basement is exposed to air. We’ve tried using a dehumidifier, and have the downspouts taking all water out into the woods, but nothing works. What do we do?

Cynthia, Pennsylvania


Superior Wall Systems are made to collect water that trickles down a wall, and usually drains into a sump-pump. If water is weeping inside of your house, a mistake has been made – either by the builder or the Superior Wall Systems company. Send both parties a certified letter clearly outlining the problem and stating that it needs to be looked into and fixed immediately. Keep a record of all work that has been done and copies of any letters you send out in case any legal action needs to be taken.

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