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Lingo of Builders/Contractors

By on June 9, 2014

Are you confused when your builder talks? Mad when your contractor says “yes”- but means “no”? Builders and contractors have a mysterious and secret lingo all their own and understanding “construction-speak” is both handy and necessary to maintain one’s sanity when a project is underway.

So here’s a little builder/contractor lingo that’ll help get you through on the lighter side. “We’ll get started in the morning.” Of course, this means sometime during the next two weeks. “Substantially complete.” This means the job’s not done but they’d like to get paid.

On a more serious note, “building to code” can be both good and bad. It means the work meets all minimum standards required by law but that’s about all. And “builders grade” is a grade of anything (appliances, carpets, doors) that means you’re getting the bare-bones ultra-cheap model, which is nothing to cheer about. Want a successful project? Construction communication is the key to success.

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