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Breaking out the Old Bicycle

By on May 11, 2014

Warmer weather and longer days mean more outdoor activities. For many kids and grownups that means bicycling. After months of sitting in a cold and dusty garage, your 10-speed bicycle needs a little TLC before hitting highways and byways.

First, inspect and tighten everything on your bicycle, including seats, pedals and handlebars. Then lubricate all moving parts such as gears, brakes and chain. Clean and recheck everything, including frame, spokes and air pressure in the tires.

Then test your light and make sure all reflectors are still in place. Make sure you have a good helmet — one that sits low on the forehead and level just above the eyebrows. Check for a proper fit. It shouldn’t move more than half an inch in any direction. Side straps should fit just below the ears with the buckle directly under your chin. Finally, check for cracks, dents or any signs of damage.

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