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Bathroom Grout/Water Damage

By on February 16, 2014
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Bathrooms are more susceptible to water damage than any other room in your home. Faucet and drain leaks, seeping toilet gaskets and grout cracks where the wall meets the tub or shower pan are big culprits. And leaky shower doors are no great shakes either.

You can cut down on potential water damage by frequently inspecting all of these areas, especially in showers and tubs where they meet your tile or waterproof wall covering. If you find a spot that looks suspect, use a screwdriver or grout saw to remove the old grout, then vacuum the joint thoroughly before using a siliconized caulking compound to make a waterproof connection.

It’s no secret that today caulking can be found in a wide range of standard and exotic colors. So if you have ceramic tile, look around. If you don’t take our advice and fix those drips and leaks your grout will self destruct in seconds.

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