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The Backsplash Trend

By on June 26, 2014
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Got a countertop with a tiny four-inch backsplash? You’re missing out on a hot new trend! Indeed, today’s designer kitchens feature backsplash walls that run from counter to cabinets and even up to ceilings with spectacular materials and designs like never before. If your kitchen is “backsplash-challenged”, it’s time to make a big splash design-wise with a bigger backsplash size!

Here are some things to consider. The space above your counter is a blank canvas awaiting your artistic touch and any combination of spectacular new luxury tiles. Far beyond just choosing color and size, you can now choose from endless textures and materials, such as glass, hand-painted porcelain, gleaming metal, raised dimensional designs, and natural stone such as slate, marble and granite.

There are also oodles of creative borders that you can mix and match like a designer pro! Take a look at your kitchen. Isn’t it time to make a big splash design-wise with a bigger backsplash size?

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