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  • werner ladder
    Werner Recalls Aluminum Ladders

    According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, every year there are around 300 deaths in the U.S. caused by falls from a ladder. What could possibly make this worse? How about a malfunctioning, multi-position ladder!...

    • Posted June 30, 2018
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  • mosquito repellent
    Mosquito Repelling Ideas

    Although mosquito season varies by region, you can bet that with the rise in temperature you’re going to see more and more of those nasty little critters flying around. According to the Centers for Disease Control and...

    • Posted June 9, 2018
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  • men's health workouts
    Calorie Charring Chores 

    June is Men’s Health Month! The goal of Men’s Health Month is to educate the public on preventable, male specific, health problems and the importance of early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. With...

    • Posted June 2, 2018
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  • armed forces day
    5 Easy Steps to Installing a Flagpole

    Armed Forces Day was created in 1949 as a way to show appreciation to our military men and women. Armed Forces Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of May, and in honor of this...

    • Posted May 21, 2018
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  • chainsaw recall
    Harbor Freight Recalls Chainsaw

    Do you have plans to get outside to get some garden maintenance done this weekend? Are you looking forward to hearing the rattle of the chainsaw or the subtle bog of the engine as the blades meet...

    • Posted May 21, 2018
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  • evaluating contractors
    4 Quick Steps to Evaluating a Contractor

    Years and years ago my father-in-law and uncle wrote a book called “Home Remodeling for Dummies.” In that book, they detail the proper steps to take when hiring a contractor. The fundamental steps, like speaking with previous...

    • Posted May 5, 2018
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  • arbor day
    5 Easy Steps to Plant a Tree

    Arbor Day is a holiday that is typically celebrated on the last Friday of April. On this day, people are encouraged to get outside, learn about nature, and plant a tree! Although Arbor Day began over 140...

    • Posted April 28, 2018
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  • Earth Day
    Easy Home Improvements For Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, here are some easy home improvement tasks that can be started and finished in just one day. I looked for small and reasonably quick home improvements that will have a lasting impact...

    • Posted April 21, 2018
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  • air quality
    The Indoor Air Quality Epidemic + 6 Natural Solutions!

    Did you know that the EPA says indoor air quality is often 2 – 5 times worse than outdoor air quality? Indoor air toxins have been known to cause everything from allergies, to chronic headaches, and even...

    • Posted April 21, 2018
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  • Pick a Paintbrush
    How To Pick A Paintbrush

    We’ve all done it. That is, tried to save a few bucks on painting supplies by purchasing the cheapest package of paint brushes we can find.  We get home and begin our project only to find that...

    • Posted April 21, 2018
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