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Adding Wallboard

By on December 13, 2013
soundproof wall

My Eichler home has wood on the walls, and there is no drywall. I would like to sound-proof some of the walls. Is there drywall that can be used for sound-proofing?


Drywall is far more sound-proof than your paneling. And, except for the finish, is something many folks are quite capable of doing themselves. Start by removing the paneling at walls where sound is a problem, add insulation (batts with no backing) between wall studs, and then put the drywall. Since the paneling is thin and the drywall isn’t attention will have to be given to the trim at door openings. And, electric boxes will have to be moved to align with the new finished surface, or spacers will have to be added to achieve that same effect.

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