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 Thursday, December 8, 2016

What's New

What's new here at On The House? Find out below... and keep checking back, as we are always adding new features to our website!


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  • The Carey Brothers in Oakland, CA for National Rebuilding Day -- Now with VIDEO!
    Video of the Oakland, CA project site with the Carey Brothers!

    The Carey Brothers visit the project site earlier in the week to survey the shed that they will be helping to rebuild in Oakland, California.

    “Before” picture of the shed, one of the many projects that was worked on in Oakland and throughout the country.

    Morris Carey takes a break from working hard to smile for the camera.

    The shed is almost done, taking the whole day to complete.

    After a hard day's work, all the volunteers come together for a group photo in front of the brand new shed. The Carey Brothers are in the middle with the orange shirts, with James to left and Morris to the right.

  • Do You Have A Question?
    Have a home repair question that you'd like answered by the Carey Bros.? Call our listener line any time at 1-800-737-2474 (ext 59)! All you need to do is leave your name, telephone number and your question. We'll do our best to lend a hand. To better assist you, please be sure to include any details that might be helpful. Thanks!

  • On The House Show Notes!
    Missed last week's show? Didn't catch a phone number or a website we mentioned? Check out our Show Notes to find out more about all the interesting ideas on last week's show!

  • Find The Nearest Radio Station
    Now it's your chance to listen to the Carey Bros. & Rebecca Cole in action! On The House broadcasts in over 200 markets, so find out which station is closest to you . . . click here.

  • Listen to our Live Audio Stream!
    Don't have a local radio station that plays On The House? Worry no more! You can catch your weekly dose of James, Morris, & Rebecca right here! And if you're on the go, you can listen to it via our weekly podcast. Show the love, baby!

If there is something that you would like to see on our site, please let us know!

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