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 Thursday, December 8, 2016
Tip of the Day Categories » Electrical and Lighting

Labeling circuit breakers

The movie "Dracula" was released on this day in 1931. When the fanged one accidentally opened his box in daylight, he was in for a nasty shock. You could be, too, if you open your circuit-breaker and have to guess which one to turn off for electrical work (even if it has general notations like kitchen or basement). It might not cover adjacent halls or each-and-every outlet, leading to trial and error and a "shocking" surprise or two. The answer is to have a friend go through rooms as you turn off circuit-breakers. When the friend tells you something's on or off, note what they control on a label placed by each breaker, for future reference. Keep a list in your house file, too. It's easiest when you first move in; no resetting clocks and VCRs all day. If you're home alone -- without a friend to help -- use a radio. Turn it on loudly, move it around and listen, when you flip a breaker, to hear if it goes off. And that's the On The House tip for today.

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