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 Sunday, November 29, 2015
Tip of the Day Categories » Holiday Tips

It's Christmas Everywhere!

Actor Humphrey Bogart was born on this day. Who could forget his memorable line in the movie "Casablanca" when, sitting in Rick's American Cafe, he softly utters "Sam it's Christmas all over the world" -- and indeed it is. On this day in England, small coins are baked into pudding and those who find them are said to receive good fortune and happiness all year long. In France, children polish their shoes and leave them by the fireplace and Le Santa Noel fills them with toys and gifts. In Iceland, huge bonfires burn all day and into the night. And in Ireland, candles are put in windows to welcome those seeking shelter and warmth. Now today, our thoughts turn to you and things that we've shared. Thanks for the love! We send the same in return. Happy holidays, everybody! And that's the On The House tip for today.

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