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 Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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Which one of the following statements most accurately describes your approach to pest control around your home?*
I will only choose pest control solutions that are environmentally friendly
I prefer to use environmentally friendly products, but sometimes will choose a conventional pesticide to get the job done.
I use whatever is most effective at killing the pests; if it’s environmentally friendly, that’s a bonus but not my primary concern.

I’m skeptical that an environmentally friendly product will work – give me the nuclear option!

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Why do you want to win? *

What would be your primary reason for purchasing a trap for wasps, hornets & yellowjackets?*
They are a nuisance when I want to enjoy the outdoors.
I want to protect my family.
I want to prevent them from building nests on or near my house.
I am afraid of getting stung.

What would be the most important feature in your selection of any insect trap?*


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