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 Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Landscaping is one of the easiest ways for homeowners to quickly increase their home’s value with little cost. Even just planting colorful flowers, grooming a lush lawn and adding greenery and potted plants creates a drastic transformation and higher perceived value. Professional Landcare Network and realtor estimates say landscaping can add up to 15 percent to property value.

Homes with attractive yards generally bring a premium price. Real estate agents confirm that there's no bigger edge than a home with top-notch curb appeal. It's the overall impression people get when they first see the property from the street.

Lawns can suffer from lack of attention, limited nurturing, tough treatment and even suffocation. But affordable therapy is on the way, thanks to Sta-Green® lawn and garden products. Sta-Green professionals have identified the most common lawn problems and offer homeowners simple solutions for creating a beautiful relationship with their lawn.

How can you grow a new lawn from seed or fix bare spots in an existing lawn?
Today’s grass seed varieties are bred to be more resistant to pests, disease and drought. Purchasing premium grass seed is a wise investment and can make lawn maintenance easier. Sta-Green® Seed & Sod® Starter Soil is a ready-to-use soil specially formulated for starting new lawns or repairing bare spots in existing lawns. This starter soil contains Sta-Green Seed & Sod Starter Fertilizer for a strong root system and is excellent for top-dressing and overseeding lawns.

What’s the best way to keep grass healthy and weed-free so your lawn stays beautiful year-round?
Weeds can take over a lawn if not properly addressed, choking out healthy grass plants. A beautiful, weed-free lawn requires proper mowing, watering and regular fertilization as well as post-emergent weed control. Sta-Green® Weed & Feed 28-2-4 kills existing weeds while feeding your lawn. This formula controls up to 150 weed types including dandelion, knotweed and other broadleaf weeds.

How can landscaping increase your home’s curb appeal and value?
An enhanced landscape will add value to an existing home, at a lower cost than many other remodeling projects. To get your lawn and landscape flourishing, you must use the appropriate products to control insects and disease, keep the soil moist and the grass thick, dense and green. The makers of Sta-Green® products guarantee your satisfaction with the best brands at the best prices for all your lawn and landscape needs.

How can you protect grass during summer from extreme heat and warm-weather insects?
Both warm and cool season grasses need attention during the summer. Lawns can be stressed by extreme heat and excessively wet or dry weather. Symptoms of lawn problems often start as yellow, tan, or brown areas of varying sizes in the lawn. Sta-Green® Summer Green Fertilizer plus Insect Control strengthens your lawn and improves your grass’ tolerance of heat, disease and drought. This formula feeds your lawn for up to two months and kills lawn-damaging insects on contact. Other tips include raising your mower height and only watering in the early morning or evening.

What’s the best way to defend your lawn from the harsh winter season while ensuring that it stays weed-free for spring?
After your lawn survives the stresses of hot summer weather, it needs help preparing for the winter months. Sta-Green® Winterizer Weed & Feed helps build a strong grass plant while controlling more than 150 late summer and fall weed varieties. This formula provides grass with a timed-release fertilizer and helps lawns survive the harsh winters while also promoting early spring green-up.

Sta-Green fertilizers, growing media, weed controls and grass seed help keep lawns looking beautiful year-round. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, Sta-Green products cost substantially less than other national brands and carry a satisfaction guarantee — making them the perfect solution for lawn care DIYers!

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