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 Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

November 17, 2012

Know What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident!

First, if you are injured the most important thing you can do is seek immediate medical care. If you have the slightest doubt that you can drive you should insist that the police and an ambulance come to the scene. Our rule of thumb is: always call 911. However, if there are no injuries, sometimes emergency operators will not send the police. You will be told to exchange information. If they do, It is not enough to get the name of the other driver and his insurance company. If all you know is that his name was Bob, and he has Farmer’s, you don’t have enough information. However, you would be surprised how many drivers leave the scene without much more information than this. Remember, you need to get all of the other driver’s information. This means name, address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, and driver’s license number. The best source of information is the other party’s driver’s license and his insurance card to get his policy number. If the other party doesn’t have a driver’s license, call the police. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the cars and of the position that they are in after the accident. Take pictures of all the damage on both cars; and take a lot of pictures. You can never take too many, but you can take too few. Should you move your car? You should never leave you cars in an unsafe location. However, if the position of the cars is important to determine who was at fault in the accident, it is best NOT to move the cars until the police have made their diagrams. It is helpful to snap a photo before moving the car, if you can do oit without risking injury. You should absolutely get information about witnesses. This is most important if there is any possibility that there will be a dispute over who is at fault. In a rear end accident, witnesses are helpful but not crucial. In an intersection accident, where both drivers are claiming the green light, witnesses are essential. Get the contact information of all of the witnesses and where they were at the time of the accident. Don't rely upon your memory to figure out six months from now where this witness came from. If witnesses are leaving the scene before you get the contact information, write down their license plate number. Be smart. It is natural to feel upset and excited after an automobile accident. Remember to ask yourself, “What information will I need six months from now?” You can take down too little information but you can never take down too much.

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