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 Sunday, June 24th, 2018

March 26, 2011

Comparing Construction Bids

There can be such a difference between contractors on these projects, that one bid may be twice that of another. Don’t shop for the low bid; look for the best contractor with the fairest price. Get apples-for-apples bids by putting together a thorough project description including materials, appliances, wall finish, fixtures and the essentials BEFORE calling your first bidder. The more detail, the better bid, the fewer the change orders. After you get the bids, your job isn’t over. You still need to go physically and inspect three projects of your top two bidders to see the quality of their work. Talk to the homeowners and ask about satisfaction. The project may look great but came in six weeks late, way over budget or there were issues throughout the job. Remember, going with Mr. Low might be going to ruin your life.

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