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 Monday, July 23rd, 2018

March 19, 2011

Dog Bites

Some states, like Nevada and Oregon, still observe the old common law “one bite rule”. You are not responsible unless you know your dog is dangerous or vicious. You can’t know that until your dog actually bites someone. So, Rover gets one bite free. Hence, the “One Bite Rule”. Other states have a mixed one bite rule. In New York, you are responsible to pay the victims medical bills whether you know your dog is dangerous or not. However, the victim collects no disability or compensation for pain or scars unless Rover has done this before. Most states, like California, hold you liable from the first bite on. Dog attacks can be serious. People die, are left with disfiguring scars or undergo painful Rabies treatment. However, it is a defense in almost all states if the victim is trespassing or provokes the dog. If your dog attacks someone, cooperate with the Authorities and call your homeowners insurance agent. Homeowners insurance provides coverage and a lawyer whether the attack happened on your property or not.

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