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 Monday, July 23rd, 2018

June 20, 2009

How to Pet Proof Your Garden

I love my plants and we all know that our animals do also. Here are some tips to keep your pets out of your plants and garden.

1. Choose plants that aren't toxic to your pet: Ferns, members of the ficus family, and spider plants make safer indoor plants than do philodendron, dumbcane, or any of the ivies.

2. Give your pet something else to gnaw on: Have plenty of chew toys around for your pup, and provide your cat with a pot of wheat grass

3. Put your indoor plants out of reach: For dogs, you can usually just put them on a high surface. With cats it's a little trickier, but hanging baskets usually work.

4. Cover the soil in your pots with pebbles: the bigger and more jagged the better. Cats hate the bumpiness under their paws.

5. To keep dogs from digging in garden beds: plant something spiky around the edge—an agave, a yucca, a pyracantha

6. Try one of these preventive products: Bitter Apple can be sprayed on plants, and SSSCAT is a new, motion sensor-activated spray that keeps your cat out of unwanted areas.

7. Use a natural repellent: try putting cayenne pepper or orange peels in the soil.

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Check out Rebecca's website to get all your design, garden, and floral needs at ColeCreates.com!
Check out Rebecca’s website to get all your design, garden, and floral needs at ! ColeCreates.com.

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