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 Friday, July 20th, 2018

January 3, 2009

Papering the Town…One Room at a Time

Wallpaper is back, big time, and it is not limited to the walls anymore. Furniture, wall art, doors and window treatments as well as walls are being papered with textures, patterns, designs and colo

The new generation of wallpapers are easily strippable, reasonably resilient to light damage and washable. There is now wallpaper for every style, every budget and every room in your house. The impact can be substantially bigger than paint and the labor, depending on the type of paper, can be surprisingly less. The choices are so vast I’ve outlined some easy ways to narrow down it all down.

Wallpaper comes in four main categories:

1. Paper… made of just paper, was the most popular in the past, but is used less and less now, because it is less durable, too hard to remove and usually takes a pro or least a lot of skill to install it properly. I relegate these gorgeous wallpapers to wall art by simply framing a large, bold pattern in a fantastic frame with glass or plexi protecting it. Even if the paper is expensive it is still cheaper than buying a painting!

2. Vinyl Wallpaper has become increasing popular because it is quite durable and comes with a fabric backing making it a breeze to maintain and install. They can be expensive, but with a wealth of designs to choose from, from nouveau baroque to modern country to pop graphic, surely there is one wall in one room worth the cost.

3. My mother used to hang fabric on the walls when I was a kid because she loved the textures and patterns. It was usually only a matter of weeks before the fabric would fray, curl on the edges and be falling completely off by Christmas. Thankfully, now there are textile wallpapers, using fabrics like silk or linen on the top layer with more durable materials underneath. They are usually treated with a stain-repellent and you can often buy matching fabrics for pillow, upholstery and curtains, or even a party dress if you dare.

4. And for those who want to go ‘green’ there are now fantastic specialty wallpapers, made of bamboo, straw, wood, pebbles and even sparkly beads. These can cost a fortune but to get the look for less there are some durable synthetics used to mimic the look of organic materials and some quite successfully.

And if the visual varieties don’t tempt you let me give you some maintenance reasons to decorate with wallpaper.

Installation can be less messy than painting and certainly than plastering. Besides, when you get tired of the design just peel and paint or paper again. It’s now that easy.

Compared to textured plaster, wallpaper’s impressive visual effects can be much more quickly installed and without a skilled craftsmanship. And best of all, wallpaper can be a fast fix cover up, hiding hairline cracks, nail holes, scratches, small blemishes, and tough to remove stains.

So next time you want to create real ambience in a room consider the bold, elegant or textured beauty of wallpaper. And give a nod to your grandmother’s forwarding- thinking. Thanks, Nanny!!!!!

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Check out Rebecca's website to get all your design, garden, and floral needs at ColeCreates.com!
Check out Rebecca’s website to get all your design, garden, and floral needs at ! ColeCreates.com.

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