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 Friday, July 20th, 2018

March 26, 2011

Steps to Positive Change

If being overweight has made your mood fouler than a subway station in August, then your first job is to refocus.

Make a plan! Let go of the guilt and shame about your weight. Being your own best friend will help you make the right decisions about your eating obstacles and triggers.
Add some support. Find a friend who knows your goals, weaknesses, and strengths. They can be your sounding board, comfort system, and your measure of accountability. By reporting in on daily struggles and successes -- you're more likely to make a permanent change!

Do something positive. One small action can help kick-start the psychology of change. Buy new walking shoes, a pedometer, and record your waist loss. Research shows you'll be three times more likely to follow through with your plan. It’s your way of putting the key in your waist-management ignition.

JUST DO IT and you'll be on your way. Eat a full day's worth of perfect-for-you food. Walk 30 minutes. Pat yourself on the back. Tomorrow, do it again. Start fresh every day, and enjoy each success. With one foot, take the first step. The other foot has no choice but to follow.

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