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 Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

January 22, 2011

Muscles Rule

The number one factor in slowing down the aging process is increasing or maintaining muscle mass

We lose about one pound of muscle per year after age 35. Muscles control metabolism, heart function and various hormonal responses that affect bone density and muscle loss can cause a cascade of negative events to occur. The question is how do we gain or at least maintain muscle mass? The answer is to seek out a program that will allow us to accomplish this with the least amount of risk and maximal gains. This can be a difficult process especially considering the emotional attachments most of us carry, which can prevent us from enjoying better health. Want to heat up a conversation? Just start talking religion politics or fitness. It's hard to let go of old notions of exercise. But to succeed, we need to seek out a loving support system that will guide us to our goals and create some form of accountability. For some this means hooking up with a fitness professional. For others, who may be more disciplined, a workout partner may do the trick.
Challenge yourself to stay stronger longer, for yourself and your loved ones.
You’ll be amazed at the adaptability of the human form, and the ability to gain back time.

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