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 Saturday, August 18th, 2018
House Pets with Sandy Robins
Features   |   On The House Show and Tell   |   House Pets with Sandy Robins  

December 21, 2013

Celebrating The Holidays With Your Pets

There’s no question that Americans consider their pets family members and love to include them in holiday festivities this time of year.

But before I even get to spelling out some fun ideas, a couple of safety tips. First off, the Christmas tree is not for climbing or knawing at!

Sprinkling ordinary household pepper on the lower branches will ensure that your pets keep a safe distances. Besides, you don't want them unwrapping the gifts before the big day! Secondly, make sure all electrical cables are well concealed.

Well, now that we’ve TCB – taken care of business as Elvis Presley used to say, here are some fun ideas.

There are great pet centric stockings that will look great on display along with those belonging to other family members along the mantelpiece. Fill them with treats and small toys. There are also fun ornaments that you can buy with treats inside that you can use to decorate the tree and give your pet as a snack when everyone is gathered around.

There are so many wonderful traditions celebrated during the holiday season that pets can take part in too.

Mistletoe kisses are my favorite! Of course it goes without saying that no-one wants to kiss a cat with tuna breath or a doggie with liver breath, so make sure you stock up on dental hygiene products to ensure a fresh minty smell instead. Sergeant’s makes a variety of pet dental products, such as flavored doggie toothpaste, breath freshening agents that can be added to the water bowl and dental treats.

If your kids put out cookies for Santa, it's a great idea to put out some cookies for Santa’s dogs too. There are wonderful gingerbread-shaped cookies that are great for any dogs the elves may have back at the Pole too. Of course, if Santa forgets to take them, your dog will happily oblige and enjoy munching on them…

If you and your family love to play games around the fire, your pets can pawticipate too as there are wonderful catnip toys and battery-operated mice for them to chase around and great puzzle toys for dogs that allow them to enjoy your company but simultaneously be engaged in a fun activity.

Happy Howlidays!

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