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 Friday, July 20th, 2018
House Pets with Sandy Robins
Features   |   On The House Show and Tell   |   House Pets with Sandy Robins  

November 2, 2013

Fun Things TO Do With Fido

Your dog is your best friend, right? Well, here are some fun things to do this weekend, which he will enjoy and simultaneously will strength your human-animal bond.

Go shopping for a new toy
Dogs enjoy the sights and sounds – and of course the smells of a pet store. Choose something interactive so that you can both play.

Take a Road trip.
You’ve been promising to visit your parents/ uncle,/brother,/sister/ best friend. This is the weekend to do it. If you re planning to stay over, book pet-friendly accommodation in advance if you can’t stay with your family or friends. And take toys and treats with you too along with his food and favorite bed.

Make Saturday night movie night – or any other night of the week.
This is an opportunity to watch what you’ve been storing on your TIVO or, see what is sitting in your Netflix queue. You can both enjoy popcorn if you don't add the butter and salt.

Enjoy a game of Sniff and Hide
Hide your dog’s favourite treats somewhere fairly easy to sniff out around the home or the garden. Then guide her along with the appropriate level of hints and praise. There’s nothing like treats to go along praise and positive re-enforcement!

More Fun and Games
Invite over a neighbor’s dog for a doggy play date and let them have fun with tug toys and Frisbees.

Mmmmm Massage
Start with slow strokes from head to tail, then target specific areas by scratching behind the ears, cheeks, under the chin, bridge of the nose, and between the eyes. Gently rub in a circular motion with three fingers, going down the neck and around the shoulders; then keep the motion going from the buttocks down the thighs. Remember to keep it light and gentle. You are not a professional at work – just a loving pet parent.

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