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 Monday, July 23rd, 2018
House Pets with Sandy Robins
Features   |   On The House Show and Tell   |   House Pets with Sandy Robins  

October 19, 2013

Howl’oween Pet Safety Tips

Here are some helpful hints to make sure your dog enjoys trick or treating in the neighborhood

• Purchase the outfit well in advance and allow your pet to try it out at home on several occasions.

• If your pet simply refuses to dress up, consider “dressing” him with non-toxic pet paint, which can be sprayed on to his coat in fun designs using stencils.

• If you are going to a pet parade, be sure to dress your pet right before an event, as some costumes can be warm.

• If your dog is in fact a scaredy cat, consider putting him in a ThunderShirt. Its swaddling effect soothes anxiety and stress. And you can add a fun Howl’oween-inspired bandana and a fun leash to dress him up stead.

• Cats can also wear a ThunderShirt if the noise of the constantly ringing doorbell spooks t hem. Lock them in a room with the food, water and litterbox to prevent any escapes.

• Howl’oween is all about candy and chocolate. Never let the dog get hold of your kid’s stash as chocolate is highly toxic and candy very bad for their teeth. Stock up on suitable dog cookies instead.

• Never let a small child take charge of dog when trick and treating in the neighborhood. They get too excited. The dog must be under adult control at all times.

• Take plenty of water along for your pet to lap up while trick-or-treating. Keeping your pet hydrated is very important.

• Don’t head out without up-to-date identification tags under your pets’ costume. Pets can get spooked with all the Halloween excitement so this is a vital part of your costume.

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